Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free,Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10, Canada, France, I study Bees since 1981, Round,Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22,4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free harvest 08 August 2018 Latest delivery from my Bee Farm from GMO free Poland, Do You know Monsanto is causing Autism for kids and for Bees in the USA,Satisfied shopping,wholesale prices,Discount promotions, online low price. Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee supermamalab.com.

Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free
Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free
Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free
Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free
Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo 22.4 Lb. Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free harvest 08 August 2018 Latest delivery from my Bee Farm from GMO free Poland. Do You know Monsanto is causing Autism for kids and for Bees in the USA, Canada, France. I study Bees since 1981. Round. Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free。harvest 08 August 2018 Latest delivery from my Bee Farm from GMO free Poland. 。 Do You know Monsanto is causing Autism for kids and for Bees in the USA, Canada, France. 。I study Bees since 1981. Round up by Monsanto, Bayer used in US effects nerval system of people and bees. 。 New fresh Propolis harvest fall 2016 $1200.00 USD GMO Free。I study Bees since 1981. I know we have best Propolis from GMO free Mountains PolanLithuania and Spain have not the same or Brasil. 。Propolis Tincture。Mix two parts propolis by weight to nine parts of clear grain alcohol, by weight (we use 75 proof or higher vodka, or Everclear) (Do not use ethanol alcohol – it is poisonous!).。Mix together in a lidded container, such as a canning jar. Shake. Store in a dark place. Shake two to three times a day for one to two weeks. Strain through a cheesecloth or paper coffee filter, and store in a dark place or in a dark jar. You can collect and store the propolis left in in the filter, as it may be reused for another tincture or oil (store in the fridge or freezer).。Keep in an amber dropper bottle, and store in your medicine or kitchen cabinet.。Herbal Mouthwash。Use this as a rinse after brushing at night, and keep the dentist away!。3/4 cup water。1/4 cup vodka。2 dropperfuls calendula tincture。2 dropperfuls echinacea root tincture。1 dropperful myrrh tincture。2 dropperfuls propolis tincture。1 drop peppermint or spearmint essential oil (I actually like it better without this! But others who are used to a minty flavor enjoy this optional addition).。(Note that the essential oils and calendula, echinacea and myrrh tinctures can be found in a natural food store.)。Honey Propolis Throat Spray。Spray in the back of the mouth anytime sore throat hits! This powerful spray can be great to prevent bacterial throat infections such as strep throat.。– Mix three TBS of propolis tincture (see recipe above) with two TBS of raw local honey and one TBS of warm water in a spray bottle. The propolis tincture can be combined with other herbal tinctures as well for their immediate relief and longer-lasting benefits in the face of illness; our favorites are echinacea, marshmallow, ginger and/or elderberry tinctures, all of which can be found in a natural food store.。Stephanie Bruneau is beekeeper, mom, herbalist and artist. She runs The Benevolent Bee selling honey, candles and beeswax-based body care products. She is a co-founder and of the Boston Area Beekeepers Association.。1. Bostock J, Riley HT, editors. Pliny the Elder, the Natural History, Book XI. The Various Kinds of Insects. London, UK: Taylor and Francis; 1855.。2. Bostock J, Riley HT, editors. Pliny the Elder, the Natural History, Book XXII. The Properties of Plants and Fruits. London, UK: Taylor and Francis; 1855.。3. The Bible. Jeremiah 8, verse 22, Jeremiah 46, verse 11, Jeremiah 51, verse 8.。Sources:。Bee Products for Better Health, C. Leigh Broadhurst, PhD, 2013。Grange, J. M., and R. W. Davey. “Antibacterial properties of propolis (bee glue).” Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 83.3 (1990): 159-160.。Castaldo, Stefano, and Francesco Capasso. “Propolis, an old remedy used in modern medicine.” Fitoterapia 73 (2002): S1-S6.。Ghisalberti EL (1979). Propolis: A review. Bee World, 60, 59-84.。Burdock, G. A. “Review of the biological properties and toxicity of bee propolis (propolis).” Food and Chemical toxicology 36.4 (1998): 347-363.。Kuropatnicki AK, Szliszka E, Krol W. Historical Aspects of Propolis Research in Modern Times. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine : eCAM. 2013;2013:964149. doi:10.1155/2013/964149。Havenhand, Gloria. Honey Nature’s Golden Healer. Firefly Books, 2011.。Magister Alex Bajan Member of the White House Team Task to save the Bees.。ANIMALS AND BEES STUDY SINCE 1981。USA and Poland 。703-528-0114 voice this is best number direct line phone for me Alex Bajan von Krasnik。3103 9th Street North。Arlington VA 22201。USA 703-528-0114 voice 703-652-0993 voice 2。From Europe Tel. Poland +48 22 219-5007。Tel. Sweden 46 90 695 76 13。Tel: Geneva, Switzerland: +41 225-483-007。Selected by master expert. Fresh. 。Shipping to EU will come directly from Poland. Tatra Mountains 'Polish Alps.。GREAT AROMA. 。 。 from the world renowned Apitherapy expert.。5 years study Beekeeping Academy at Pszczela Wola, Poland.。I did study for 5 years beekeeping in the only one Technical School in the World just with Bees Specialization Pszczela Wola Graduate 1986. Pszczela Wola is a small picturesque settlement located in the south east corner of Poland, 14 km south of Lublin along the Lublin-Bychawa route. Here you can find the Secondary Beekeeping School, the only one in the world, which has been the inherited pride for many generations of beekeepers since established in 1945.。My bank for downpayment or full payment OR YOU CAN USE PAYPAL.COM TO MY EMAIL: raqportgov@raqport.com。Bank Name: Bank Polskiej Spóldzielczosci S.A. 。with its headquarters in Warsaw was founded on 15th of March 2002 through a merger of Gospodarczy Bank Poludniowo-Zachodni SA with five Polish banks: Bank Unii Gospodarczej SA, Lubelski Bank Regionalny SA, Malopolski Bank Regionalny SA, Rzeszowski Bank Regionalny SA and Warminsko-Mazurski Bank Regionalny SA.。Mission of Bank BPS S.A.:。Bank BPS S.A. is based on the best native cooperative tradition, supporting and complementing the financial and human potential of affiliated cooperative banks.。---------。Account owner: Lech Bajan。Bank Name: Bank Polskiej Spóldzielczosci S.A. ( POLAND ) PART OF EUROPEAN UNION 。My account: PL 07 1930 1695 3500 0576 6493 0001。Kod BIC( SWIFT) Banku BPS – POLUPLPR.。Hand selected by beekeeping expert after 5 years university research in apitherapy.。Beekeeping & honey production in the Carpathians - This is one rural are with the vast forested Carpathian mountain 。Poland beekeepers kick Monsanto out of the hive, successfully ban bee-killing.。Poland is GMO Free。 According to reports, Poland's decision to ban MON810 makes it the first nation to formally acknowledge that Monsanto's GM corn is definitively linked to CCD. It also affirms the findings of several earlier studies that have identified a link between Bt GM crops and bee deaths, including independent research conducted by Pennsylvania beekeeper John McDonald.。Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to forge ahead in the unmitigated, and largely unregulated, cultivation and use of GM crops. Despite countless grassroots efforts to put at least some restraint on GM agriculture, including a number of state initiatives that would require GMO labeling on food, Monsanto's products continue to dominate much of the American agricultural landscape。Health Benefits of Propolis:。The name “propolis” consists of two Greek words: pro – “front” and polis - “city, fortress”, ie, all together – “the protection of the fortress”, where the strength means almost one hundred thousandth of the family of one hive. Thus, even in ancient times balsamic, mummified properties of the bee glue were known.。By the way, most of the famous mummy - is propolis of wild mountain bees. This mummy has the same medicinal benefits as the domestic bee propolis, but mummy has more effective action. This pattern is commonly found in nature: wild strawberry is more useful and effective than garden, wild herbs (eg, ginseng, and many others) are more useful than those grown in culture.。Propolis in the life of bees。Thanks bee propolis is rarely affected by bacteria and viruses, in contrast to other insects.。Currently we know 6 natural antibiotics that bees produce: honey, beeswax, royal jelly, ambrosia, bee venom, propolis. Without such protection bee family under heavy congestion after contracting infectious microorganisms would quickly perish. In the hive bees close up the gaps with propolis, lacquer interior walls and the surface of the hive frames, cover inside the cell before laying bee eggs by a queen. Bees envelop large dead animals with propolis, which they can not get out of the hive, such as killed mice and other pests. This protects them from rotting, molding.。The origin of propolis has not been fully established.。Some researchers believe that propolis has pollen origin, others – that the bees collect it from poplar, birch, alder, cherry, aspen and other plants. Some believe that propolis has an internal origin (regurgitation of modified by enzymes of bee tar substances and pollen of plants). Propolis is like a beeswax, but it is darker (sometimes greenish-yellow, dark-brown or black).。Composition of propolis。Composition of propolis – is 50-60% fragrant resin consisting of a variety of different substances, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, balms (6%), consisting of cinnamic acid and cinnamic alcohol. Besides, propolis contains enzymes, ferulic and benzoic acid, antibiotics, essential oil (5 to 15%), fatty oils, and vitamins A, B1, B2, E, C, PP, aldehydes, flavones, flavonols, and 30% wax, up to 5% of pollen and many trace elements (aluminum, vanadium, iron, calcium, silicon, manganese, strontium).。Properties of propolis。Since ancient times, propolis is used by man as a natural product with diverse healing properties.。Propolis, free of impurities (pieces of pure wax, small wood chips, residues and dead bees, etc.), and its preparations for its valuable chemical and biological composition have a wide range of medicinal properties. They have a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral, anti-cancer, antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic healing properties. Propolis has a detrimental effect on gram-positive bacteria, especially the tubercle bacillus, which is especially important for people with tuberculosis which is not curable with antibiotics pharmacy. Additionally propolis has strong analgesic properties (such as in cocaine, and more), stimulates regeneration (recovery) processes, limits the development of scars and accelerates wound healing, inflammations, burns, improves blood and lymph circulation, dramatically reduces the permeability of the burn wound surface. Propolis is non-toxic, even after long-term use does not inhibit the useful microflora of the digestive tract, does not lead to dysbiosis and the reducing of natural immunity. On the contrary, propolis increases the body’s defenses. At the same time, propolis inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria that infect man, including candidiasis, so propolis acts selectively on the microorganisms and in favor of the human body.。Propolis increases the activity of antibiotics such as penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline, neomycin, etc. Propolis expressed inhibits and prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation in endarteritis, atherosclerosis, and strengthens the immune system and the body’s resistance to infections and other adverse factors environment.。Treatment with propolis。Propolis is increasingly used for the treatment of various diseases. There are many cases of successful use of propolis in a number of diseases whose treatment by other means was ineffective. Pronounced therapeutic effect is observed with propolis applied topically to the inflammatory diseases of the ear, nose, throat and mucous membranes of the mouth, skin diseases, treatment of burns and difficult wounds. Propolis is also effective in the treatment of chronic diseases of the prostate. It is known also about the successful use of it for cervical erosion.。Propolis treatment of children。In the children’s clinic propolis as an aerosol has been used successfully for the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract catarrh, pharyngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia and chronic asthma in children (inhalation use of propolis as an emulsion in oil rose, apricot oil, or in a dilution of 1:3, 1 : 2 and 1:1 – 20 sessions, lasting 1-3-5 min).。Propolis for the treatment of skin diseases。50% ointment with propolis with some vegetable oil provides effect in the treatment of some diseases of the skin – dermatitis (trichophytosis, hyperkeratosis, lupus). In this case, you put thick ointment with propolis, cover it with wax paper for 1-3 days. Course of treatment – 1-2 months, this treatment is a painless wound healing, cosmetic scarring.。Propolis to treat hair loss。For the treatment of placing and total hair loss 30% propolis tincture with 96 percent alcohol is applied as daily rubbing of the skin.。Propolis for the treatment of psoriasis。The daily use of 0.5-2 g of pure propolis inside after meals 2-3 times a day for 2-3 months significantly alleviates the condition or lead to full recovery. In parallel you impose swabs soaked with 10% propolis ointment with lanolin or vegetable oil to the affected areas . It is useful to use daily at night 50-100 g of honey mixed with bee bread for the good general state of the organism .。Propolis to heal wounds。Propolis has been successfully used for the treatment of difficult, festering wounds, chronic neurodermatitis, acute, chronic and microbial eczema, skin fungal diseases, radiation skin lesions by putting gauze dressings impregnated with 10-30% propolis ointment on vegetable oil. This decreases or completely stops the itching and pain, then comes the recovery.。Propolis for the treatment of otitis media。When inflammation of the middle ear, good results are obtained after injection into the ear canal of gauze pads, impregnated with 30% propolis tincture and 70 percent alcohol, infused for 2-3 days. Tampons are changed daily, the course of treatment is 10-15 days. When purulent inflammation of the middle ear gauze pads, soaked in 20% propolis tincture to 96 with alcohol, infused 7-10 days is administered into the ear canal. Tampons are also changed every day, the time of treatment longer, 20-25 days.。Propolis to treat inflammation of the vagina。When inflammation of the vagina and cervix, caused by pathogens (trichomoniasis, staphylococcus, streptococcus, etc.), you can use douching or tampons soaked in 3% weekly propolis tincture with 96 percent alcohol. Douching or grouting should be done daily, preferably overnight, for 7-10 days. The effect of treatment is higher than the use of traditional medicines. Only 1% of patients have allergic phenomena which ceased after the abolition of propolis.。Difficult wounds after gynecological operations heal better and faster after daily wetting of wounds with 15% propolis tincture with 96 percent alcohol.。When mastitis it is good to lubricate cracking skin several times a day with 10% propolis ointment with butter or vegetable oil.。Propolis for the treatment of angina。Chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, sore throat are successfully treated with 20-30% propolis tincture with 96 percent alcohol, diluted 1:1 with water, sweetened with honey. In milder forms of inflammation of the pharynx daily smearing of the sinuses and mouth of the infusion is enough. In severe forms you ingest the solution 1 tbsp 3 times a day before meals. For children, the dose should be reduced according to age (40 drops to 1 teaspoon or dessert spoon). If children or infants can not tolerate spirits, it is better to use propolis water decoctions of the same concentration. About the preparation of aqueous extracts of propolis have already mentioned above, and they can be applied in large doses that are selected individually depending on the age, the extent and nature of the disease. In milder forms of inflammation of the respiratory system you can take 2-3 tbsp 3 times a day before meals, it is useful to rinse the oropharynx with the same infusion. In severe forms of bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, as well as inflammation of the kidneys you take 100-200 ml of 30% aqueous propolis decoction, and you can improve the taste by mixing it with one spoon of honey.The course of treatment depends on the extent and nature of the disease: 5 to 60 days.。Propolis for the treatment of stomatitis。When gingivitis, stomatitis, candidiasis, the initial stages of periodontal disease, when antibiotics are not effective or contraindicated, good results are observed from concentrated propolis treatment: mix 80 ml of 70 percent alcohol and 50 g peeled and crushed propolis and stir well daily and store for 7-10 days, then two days settle and filter through cotton. Wounds are cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and are dried in a stream of warm air, then apply a few drops of the tincture with a pipette and again dry to form a thin film of propolis, which lasts for days. 5-8 times give a significant improvement or complete recovery.。With candidiasis you dissolve nystatin in the same tincture. It is possible to add 2 g of fish oil, 5 g of honey and 50 g of royal jelly in this amount of infusion (80 ml), the results of treatment will be more effective.。Propolis for the treatment of venous ulcers。When non-healing venous ulcers of the lower extremities you can use propolis aerosols. Smear ulcers once a day or make gauze dressings, impregnated with this spray. Propolis aerosol is prepared as follows: 5% tincture of 96 percent alcohol is stored for three days, filtered and mixed with sea buckthorn, or apricot or peach oil in the ratio of 1:2, boiled for 5 minutes and filtered again. Before use, the mixture is mixed with novocaine at a ratio of 1:2.。Propolis to treat stomach ulcers。For gastric and duodenal ulcers you can use the tincture of propolis on unsalted butter. 10% tincture of propolis on 96 percent alcohol is infused for 3-5 days, mixed with butter in a ratio of 10:1, boiled, filtered hot through cotton wool and take 20-30 drops with water or milk 3 times a day 1 hour before meal. Course of treatment: 20 days. Some patients like if this potion is not made with butter, but the sea-buckthorn oil. Other patients use 1 tsp with the warm milk also 3 times a day 1 hour before meal. Likewise you can treat gastritis, acute and chronic colitis. Many patients prefer to take 20-30% propolis tincture, 60 drops in a cup of milk 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals when a stomach ulcer. We must remember that treatment with propolis increases the acidity of gastric juice.。Propolis for the treatment of sinusitis。When you have purulent antritises and when antibiotics and sulfanilamides have no effect, 10% weekly propolis tincture with 96 percent alcohol helps, which is injected into the maxillary sinus by puncture: 2-5 punctures at intervals of 2-3 days. When intolerance you can dilute this infusion with distilled water. It is only necessary to use a tincture carefully filtered and warmed to body temperature. At home with purulent sinusitis you make nasal dripping of the 20% weekly infusion with 96 percent alcohol, diluted in half with sunflower, sea buckthorn or other vegetable oil, if the tincture acts too annoying, then use 20-30% water decoction of propolis. When a cold you can use 20% propolis tincture with 96 percent alcohol, diluted in half with water. Inject it into the sinuses on a gauze pads, soaking in this tincture, or drip in the nose 20% aqueous extract of propolis, 5 drops at times.。Propolis for the treatment of sciatica。Radiculitis – put pure propolis (100-200 g), cover with wax paper and apply a heating pad at night. Course of treatment: 5-8 nights. You can use instead compresses with 20% propolis tincture with 96 percent alcohol at night.。Propolis for treating boil。On boils, carbuncles, inflamed purulent sores you put cakes of pure propolis, sticking by a plaster. Keep propolis until it softens and releases pus.。Propolis for prostate。When inflammation of the prostate you use inside 20% propolis tincture and suppositories – sticks of propolis extract and cocoa butter. Propolis extract is prepared as follows: 40 g of crushed propolis mix with 200 ml of 96 percent alcohol, store 10 days with daily shaking, then the alcohol is evaporated by boiling. Pour 2 g cocoa in the resulting mass and stir thoroughly. From this mass you make sticks, which are injected into the rectum at night. Course of treatment: 3 to 30 days. Such treatment is observed removal of inflammation, the disappearance of pain and a significant improvement of the patient.。Dental Benefits. Propolis preventing cavities in teeth and appears to be a natural sealant. I also used a bee propolis mouth spray that had used for 2 days and my tooth stopped pain completely gone.。Propolis benefits have been known from ancient times.In ancient Egypt, sacerdoti priests used it in embalm deads, ensuring the embalm of themummy of unaltered. 。In Greece, the philosopher Aristotel believed that it is a purifying of wax and recommend as a remedy for bruises and wounds. Gradually, propolis benefits entered popular usage in medicine, though the therapeutic effect of concrete explanations were insufficiently known to the general public being kept in secret. Over 200 different diseases localized in body can be treated by these benefits.。The propolis is a resinous mixture of substances of natural, vegetable wax and beeswax, collected by bees from the buds, bark andbranches of trees, shrubs, etc.,to protect the colony against diseases and natural enemies. Its natural composition consists of flavonoids, phenolic compounds, aromatic, aldehydes, cumarins, vitamins and minerals, which impart great benefits to ensure proper maintenance of body functions. 。Most important health benefits. Is considered a natural product with the greatest power of healing. Is an antibiotic effective enough, the best natural antibiotic because of ferulic acid and composition of oils. Moreover, has antiviral properties, so that its action is more complex than that antibiotic. It is useful in several disorders, some of them with great efficiency. Is best assimilated by the body dissolved in alcohol as a tincture. It is preferable not to dilute it in water. 。It can be used both internally and externally, the condition in many forms allow two types of management. Internal use as a tincture, honey propolizata, water propolis, or tablets, and external use either tincture or in creams and ointments. Has benefits for treating the following diseases: - is a good pain reliever, removing any pain by acting on sensory nerve endings; - combat circulatory disorder phenomena legs - varices, edema of legs; - unwinds arteries and lowers blood pressure, with hypotensive affects - prevents cholesterol, lowering cholesterol and preventing fat deposit in artery walls, is a good cardiovascular protective and beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis, disease that usually followed by strokes and heart attacks (myocardial and brain are the most common of the disease); - action is very effective in curing ORL diseases. Strong colds, flu and some go with this product ; - clean and heal oral mucosa, especially if used in pure form (chunks of honey propolis suck). The disadvantage here is that stain teeth (clean stains, but heavier), cure gum disease and tooth evolution stops; - oral candidiasis that causes thrush and stomatitis - is applied as a solution inglycerin badijonari; - is indicated in asthma control (in this case it is used mainly by inhalation oftincture mixed with water in equal parts, but ingestion of tincture with a little honey, provided that the patient has no allergy to propolis or honey) and treating lung diseases. Its results against serious lung disease: emphysema, tuberculosis, pneumonia. Sometimes its results are better than the drugs based on synthetic antibiotics: develop bacteria generally resistant to synthetic antibiotics, but to those of propolis hardly not develop resistance; - treats ulcers, sometimes with the ability to heal itself ulcer, and it destroys the bacteria that cause the disease - helicobacter pylori. In treating ulcers drops put on a piece of white bread, dried or fried; - can successfully treat urinary tract infections (also used as a tincture); - wounds and burns heal very well. It can heal wounds and scar tissue affecting a large area and depth. In these cases use bee propolis powder. For treating small wounds can use the propolis benefits ointment; - help the body recovers after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Slow evolution of cancer, and cirrhosis of; - presents anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities and can be used successfully in diverse infections both internal and external use; - relieves rheumatism and arthritis, sometimes significantly; - cure, in general, bacterial skin diseases. Prophylactically, you can use honey or propolis tincture especially for the immune system.。The health benefits of Propolis are impressive - I am still amazed at the results I am able to obtain with this dark, sticky substance time and time again.。It's interesting - I grew up using propolis and I write about it and recommend it to people frequently. Heck, I built part of Bee Pollen Buzz about it! But I found myself amazed yet again when I recently began struggling with a sore throat that just wouldn't go away no matter what I did.。I admit - the 'bee girl' had forgotten about her propolis. I wasn't taking it and it was cold and flu season again. This is likely why I was struggling with this pesky problem.。So back to my trusty bee propolis tincture three times per day I went. And within a couple of days, the sore throat was gone...again.。So this got me curious about all of the health benefits of propolis. I know it works amazingly well for colds and flu but what else can people use it for? I was amazed at the studies and benefits I was able to find...。Propolis Eliminates Bacteria。One study investigated the anti-bacterial capabilities of bee propolis in the mouth and more specifically with regards to root canals.。The researchers compared propolis with calcium hydroxide, which apparently is a very effective anti-microbial, and found that it is significantly more powerful than the calcium at eliminating certain germs.。Propolis has traditionally been used to kill colds and flu so this study clearly shows that it has powerful bacteria killing properties throughout the body. I now know why it takes away my sore throat so effectively any time I feel a tickle and why one of the primary health benefits of propolis stated by long term users is as a cold and flu tonic!。Propolis May Help Treat Bone Diseases。Another health benefit of propolis appears to be that it helps to build and maintain healthy bone tissue.。Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in propolis, could halt or reverse osteolytic bone diseases.。The scientists found that this compound in propolis was very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause these bone diseases and even suggested propolis might be a potential treatment for bone wasting diseases.。If you're suffering from bone density loss or have a history of it in your family, taking a daily dose of propolis appears to be a very wise thing to do!。Propolis May Help Treat Allergies。An amazing health benefit of propolis is it's ability to calm the symptoms of seasonal allergies.。Scientists gave propolis to rats for two weeks and found that it significantly inhibited histamine release from the rats mast cells. Histamine is the compound in the body that makes you sneeze, gives you watery eyes and a runny nose - it generally makes your life difficult. Anti-histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter.。The scientists went on to say that their results clearly demonstrated that propolis may be effective in the relief of symptoms of allergic rhinitisthrough inhibition of histamine release.。So come allergy season, don't only take your bee pollen but add a daily dose of propolis!。Propolis Boosts Prostate Cancer Cell Death。Prostate cancer is a commonly diagnosed cancer in men. But there is exciting news regarding this deadly disease - one of the health benefits of propolis appears to be that it prevents and suppresses this type of cancer.。Scientists examined the cancer killing effects of propolis tincture on two common types of prostate cancer in the lab.。They concluded that propolis tincture markedly improved cell death in prostate cancer cells and suggested the significant role of propolis in chemoprevention of prostate cancer.。Propolis Shows High Antimicrobial, Anti-Cancer Activity。Scientists recently decided to look at the anti-cancer and anti-microbial potential of propolis at the same time.。First they exposed propolis to four different pathogens. As those of us who've used propolis to kill many colds have known for years, the propolis showed very strong antimicrobial activity.。The scientists then tested propolis against colon cancer cells. They found that it caused the cancer cells to die by necrosis, which means that it interrupted the blood supply to the cell and caused just the local cancer cells to die and NOT healthy, living cells.。Chemotherapy does the opposite of this - it kills both healthy living cells and the cancer cells and is the reason why chemo has such violent and devastating side effects.。Ultimately, this research is very promising. Some of the longest living peoples in the world have experienced the health benefits of propolis and other bee products for generations. This exciting new research may be indicative of why these people live such long, healthy lives and have such high rates of centenarians amongst them.。Propolis May Help Treat Food Poisoning。The health benefits of propolis now include food poisoning treatment among the dozens of other conditions it is effective at treating.。The aim of a recent study was to analyze the antimicrobial activity of propolis against the germs that cause what is commonly referred to as 'food poisoning.' (16 Campylobacter jejuni)。The scientists found that the propolis inhibited the growth of C. jejuni, Enterobacter faecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus, the three bugs that are commonly found in food poisoning cases.。They went on to say that propolis preparations could be used as support to traditional therapy for infection, especially when antibiotics show no activity against these micro-organisms.。This is why I now keep a bottle of propolis tincture in my purse at all times and take a dose after eating in any unfamiliar place or restaurant.。Propolis Protects Injured Teeth。Apparently, traumatic injuries to the teeth present a challenging situation for the clinician because of post-treatment complications such as inflammation.。In this study, scientists evaluated propolis as an anti-resorptive agent. Basically, they wanted to see if propolis could help control the inflammation when someone's teeth got knocked out so that they could put the teeth back in.。And what they found was that yes, propolis did indeed help. The point is, propolis has very strong anti-inflammatory activity in many areas of the body. Inflammation is responsible for diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimers, and many more. Much of the recent research is indicating that one of the primary health benefits of propolis is in fact it's anti-inflammatory effects.。Chances are that people who consume propolis on a regular basis have less inflammation in their bodies and ultimately less disease, leading to a healthier, longer life!。Protect Against Heat Stress & Enhance Performance!。One of the reasons the health benefits of propolis are so vast is because it is so full of antioxidants.。And now research has discovered just how useful these antioxidants in propolis can be for athletes. These compounds may be able to protect athletes from overheating according to an article in the Journal of Food Science.。An active ingredient in propolis known as caffeic acid phenethyl ester, or CAPE, has a broad spectrum of biological activities including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.。Heat stress is considered to be the main factor underlying the early fatigue and dehydration seen during prolonged exercise in the heat.。Researchers examined blood from 30 competitive cyclists who engaged in endurance training for two to four years prior to the investigation. None participated in any competitions or intensive training or had any clinical illness or medical or surgical treatments four months prior to the study.。The lead researcher stated at the conclusion of the study that CAPE (one of the powerful compounds in propolis) might not only promote athletic performance but also prevent injury secondary to endurance-exercise-induced heat stress.。So athletes - take your propolis especially during the summer. It just may give you a safe, natural competitive advantage!。Propolis an Effective Alternative Treatment for Warts。As reported in the International Journal of Dermatology in November of 2009, scientists found that propolis shows strong activity against warts.。Multiple treatment options are available for warts, but no single therapy stands out as uniformly effective. Propolis and Echinacea are relatively safe immunomodulators with antiviral properties.。The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of Propolis and Echinacea in treating different types of warts.。In a single-blind, randomized, 3-months trial, 135 patients with different types of warts received oral Propolis, Echinacea, or placebo.。In patients with plane and common warts treated with Propolis, cure was achieved in 75% and 73% of patients, respectively. These results were significantly better than those associated with Echinacea treatment or placebo.。The researchers conclude that Propolis is an effective and safe immunomodulating therapy for plane and common warts.。Natuarlny Produkt Pszczoly Miodnej Propolis czyli kit pszczeli leczy i zapowiega wielu chorobom。Propolis czyli kit pszczeli to substancja pozyskiwana przez pszczoły. Ta żywiczna substancja ma na celu ochronę ula przed działaniem czynników zewnętrznych, bakteriami, zapobiega powstawaniu pleśni .。Propolis to naturalny lek o szerokim spektrum działania.。Na pierwszy plan wysuwają się bardzo silne właściwości antybakteryjne propolisu.。Propolis działa również na grzyby, wirusy, pleśń.。Dzięki silnym właściwością antybakteryjnym propolis wykazuje wysoką skuteczność w leczeniu :。- wrzodów żołądka (działa na baterie Heliccobater pyroli która wywołuje powstawanie wrzodów a nawet może doprowadzić do rozwoju nowotworu, likwiduje wrzody działa szybciej niż dostępne leki).。Dodatkowo regeneruje tkankę wcześniej zajętą przez ogniska wrzodów.。- wrzodów jelita cienkiego i grubego (działanie jak wyżej)。Propolis leczy i zapobiega chorobie wrzodowej。- pooperacyjnym wrzodów znakomicie regeneruje。- Propolis ma zastosowanie w leczeniu hemoroidów, infekcji pochwy (wrażliwość baterii na propolis)。- silne działanie antybakteryjne owocuje doskonałymi rezultatami w。leczeniu zmian skórnych tj.: trądziku, opryszczki.。Propolis można stosować również zewnętrznie w postaci okładów. Znakomite rezultaty przynosi zastosowanie propolisu w leczeniu różnego rodzaju ran, oparzeń, odleżyn, wrzodów zewnętrznych, ran pooperacyjnych.。W tym celu należy sporządzić roztwór a następnie przemywać ranę 2-3 razy dziennie nasączonym wacikiem. Rany goja się dużo szybciej i w większości przypadków nie pozostawiają blizn.。Można również robić kompresy na rany i nakładać pod plaster lub bandaż.。Propolis dzięki silnemu działaniu antybakteryjnemu przyjmowany wewnętrznie doskonale działa na stany zapalne niemal całego układu pokarmowego. Poczynając od jamy ustnej ( różnego rodzaju stany zapalne w tym paradontozę), poprzez przełyk, choroby żołądka, jelit, wątroby, woreczka żółciowego, nerek oraz pęcherza moczowego.。Propolis wykazuje działanie na nerki powodując skuteczniejszą pracę nerek oraz dużo szybszą niż inne leki likwidację stanów zapalnych.。Propolis pobudza pracę jelit dzięki czemu częściowo przetrawione pożywienie nie zalega w jelitach i nie dochodzi do rozwoju chorobotwórczych bakterii.。Propolis spełnia rolę oszczyszczającą organizm ponieważ znakomicie pobudza wydzielanie żółci, działa regenerująco na wątrobę, leczy stany zapalne woreczka żółciowego.。Szerokie spektrum działania propolisu pozwala na zastosowanie w reumatoidalnym zapaleniu stawów, oraz w innych stanach zapalnych stawów.。Wykazano również że Propolis działa na : amebę, toksoplazmę (toksoplazmoza) oraz inne choroby odzwierzęce.。Zastosowanie Propolisu w Paradontozie:。Propolis dzięki właściwością antybakteryjnym eliminuje bakterie z jamy ustnej, minimalizując w ten sposób powstawanie nowych stanów zapalnych. Dodatkowo propolis poprawia krążenie w tkance przyzębnej, łagodzi powstałe stany zapalne i regeneruje miazgę zębową. Propolis wykazuje działanie przeciwbólowe i regenerujące. Zdecydowanie ułatwia gojenie ran.。W przypadku paradontozy najczęściej stosuje się propolis w formie nalewki (pijąc lub/i nacierając nasączonym wacikiem miejsca zmienione chorobowo). Można również stosować propolis nierozpuszczony tzn. żuć uformowaną bryłkę, wcześniej ogrzaną w dłoniach lub w woreczku zanurzonym w ciepłej wodzie.。Ponieważ za przyczynę paradontozy przyjmuje się ogólnoustrojowe osłabienie obok propolisu pomocny w leczeniu jest pyłek pszczeli, który dzięki swoim właściwością leczniczym w tym suplementacji witamin może ograniczyć dalszy postęp choroby.。Oprócz wymienionych wyżej dobrodziejstw propolisu wskazuje się na zbawienne zastosowanie tego naturalnego specyfiku w :。- leczeniu nadciśnienia (obniża ciśnienie krwi)。-profilaktyce zawału serca, udary mózgu。- miażdżycy。- bolesnych menstruacjach。- chorobach gardła, przeziębień,。- zapaleniu płuc ( pomocny)。- prostata。Propolis nazywany jest „wymiataczem „ wolnych rodników. Wolne rodniki są odpowiedzialne za starzenie się organizmu。Gorąco polecam Państwu zastosowanie Propolisu w wyżej wymienionych schorzeniach i jednocześnie zachęcam do zapoznania się z właściwościami pyłku pszczelego。(zamienna nazwa dla pyłku kwiatowego).。Połączenie terapii propolisem i pyłkiem pszczeli daj znakomite rezultaty.。Więcej o właściwościach pyłku na innych moich aukcjach.。Przepis na sporządzenie nalewki propolisowej:。Rozpuścić 100g propolisu w 0,5l 70 % spirytusu a następnie odstawić w zaciemnione miejsce na około 3 tygodnie.。Po upływie wspomnianego czasu nalewka jest gotowa do spożycia.。Nalewka szczelnie zamknięta może być przechowywana wiele lat, jednak wskazane jest aby została wykorzystana w ciągu roku od sporządzenia.。Ponieważ część źródeł podaje że istnieje możliwość dodania do roztworu wody dodam (opierając się na wynikach badań), że największą skuteczność osiągnął propolis rozpuszczany w roztworze 70 % alkoholu.。Dawkowanie:。- przy wrzodach wypijać codziennie około 40-50 kropli roztworu. pić na czczo.。Leczenie powinno trwać co najmniej pół roku。- przy nadciśnieniu około 30 kropli。- przy prostacie ok. 30 kropli。- przy stanach zapalnych dawkę należy zwiększyć dwukrotnie。- dzieciom zalecane jest podanie połowy dawki (rozcieńczonej z wodą)。Propolis działa jak antybiotyk。Nie posiada skutków ubocznych。Szybko zabliźnia rany。Regeneruje tkanki。Badania wykazał że : likwiduje szybciej niż dostępne leki l stany zapalne。Skuteczny na Gronkowca Złocistego。(zmora wśród zakażeń szpitalnych)。Propolis działa immunosupresyjnie czyli pobudza układ odpornościowy。Pszczela Wola is a small picturesque settlement located in the south east corner of Poland, 14 km south of Lublin along the Lublin-Bychawa route. Here you can find the Secondary Beekeeping School, the only one in the world, which has been the inherited pride for many generations of beekeepers since established in 1945.。Every single year people passionate about bees leave the walls of the school and carry on developing their vocation.。Our school is not only tutoring beekeepers but also has a varied educational offer. Everybody is welcome at Junior Grammar School, Secondary Technical School of Food Technology and Household Management, Secondary Comprehensive offering various specialisations, for example horse riding, dancing, media studies, computer studies. Students’ age ranges from 14 to 19. There are also evening and weekend courses for adults.。Pszczela Wola is surrounded a large park and located on the Bystrzyca river in the eco-friendly area. There are rare, not commonly seen types of plants to discover all around. Here one can also visit an open-air museum where antique beehives and beekeeping equipment have been preserved.。Beautiful and safe surrounding makes Pszczela Wola a very attractive place for bike riders and sightseeing lovers. In the centre there are sports leisures, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a shooting range, stables with 50 horses, a vintage windmill and a monumental palace. There is also a dormitory for 250 students with fully equipped bedrooms and full food provision.。The school has been granted with Quality Control Certificate ISO 9001:2000. It is safe and friendly with 24hrs CCTV system available.。We provide high level of teaching, good exam results, after-school activities (foreign languages, basketball, volleyball, handball, football, music, dancing, school trips, computer classes, horse riding, shooting), participation in various projects, students’ exchanges with Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Cyprus, Italy.。Students from abroad are welcome!!!。Per traumi a carico del dente o in seguito a carie si origina il disturbo detto ascesso dentario. A seconda della localizzazione dell'ascesso, si parla di ascesso periapicale e di ascesso parodontale. 。L'ascesso periapicale è un processo infiammatorio che interessa la parte più interna del dente; può quindi essere anche definito pulpite (infiammazione della polpa); è un ascesso legato a un atteggiamento di trascuratezza verso una carie profonda. 。Il secondo caso invece, l'ascesso parodontale è una lesione vera e propria legata alla distruzione dei tessuti del parodonto e dalla presenza di un'essudazione che produce pus all'interno di una tasca parodontale. Molto spesso l'ascesso parodontale si verifica in soggetti affetti da parodontite.。Tra i sintomi che possono accompagnare questo disturbo, insieme all'ovvio mal di denti, ci sono la febbre, eccessiva sudorazione, alitosi, gonfiore a livello delle ghiandole del collo e alla mascella.。 。Alimentazione per prevenire l'ascesso。Una buona masticazione è alla base della digestione. Lo zucchero è il primo nemico dei denti. Importante è non abusare di caffé o alimenti fortemente macchianti come i carciofi, il tè e il vino rosso. Mai trascurare la pulizia serale perché di notte la placca si accumula e i pericoli per la bocca si moltiplicano.。Il limone è un potente alleato: contro la paradentosi si strofina la buccia su denti e gengive: una applicazione al giorno.。Ricordiamo che la prevenzione e la cura naturale devono però accompagnarsi a una visita dal dentista o da uno specialista per verificare prima l'entità dell'ascesso, perché in casi molto avanzati di infezioni si può rischiare di intaccare altri organi come occhi e cuore.。 。Fitoterapia in caso di ascesso。La propoli è un'ottimo antibatterico naturale, specie per le infezioni del cavo orale. Anche la camomilla ha notevoli proprietà antinfiammatorie e antibiotiche, perché uccide i batteri, è indicata non solo nelle infezioni del cavo orale, nelle congiuntiviti batteriche e nelle infezioni vaginali. Molto utile anche la bardana in caso di ascesso.。 。Fiori di Bach。Il fiore consigliato per attenuare ascessi a stadi non gravi è Crab Apple. In altri casi si usa il Rescue remedy per via topica, diluendolone 4 gocce circa su una garza imbevuta in acqua o si effettuano anche sciacqui ripetuti. Se l'ascesso è acompagnato da dolore con tumefazione effettuare prima la visita dallo specialista.。 。Medicina tradizionale cinese。A seconda del tipo di ascesso si può agire in differenti maniere con l'agopuntura, ottenendo anche risultati efficaci. In generale, però, per avere un sollievo immediato in caso di mal di denti occorre premere il punto 4 del meridiano del Grosso Intestino. Il punto va individuato sulla fossetta che si crea sulla mano quando allontanate pollice e indice. Massaggiare questa zona è efficace anche per il mal di testa.。 。Olii essenziali。Molti olii essenziali tra quelli che la natura ci offre uccidono o rendono inoffensivi i batteri - ad esempio l'olio essenziale di garofano - e per questo sono indicati contro le infezioni dell'apparato digerente, del cavo orale, dell'apparato respiratorio. Infezioni di naso, orecchie e gola, urinarie e vaginali. Anche in questo caso chiedete al vostro erborista e controllate che si tratti veramente di olii essenziali di alta qualità.。 。Rimedi omeopatici in caso di ascesso。Il rimedio omeopatico d'elezione in caso di ascesso è Mercurius solubilis 30CH, 10 granuli in un bicchiere d'acqua. Meglio se si aggiungono gli oligoelementi Rame-OroArgento, 1 dose al mattino.。 。Esercizi。Il movimento più idoneo per prevenire l'ascesso è lo spazzolamento, che va eseguito con cura e delicatezza. Ma qual è il modo corretto per pulire i denti? Il movimento dello spazzolino deve essere verticale, partendo dalle gengive e andando verso il dente, mai viceversa.。In altre parole, per pulire i denti superiori il suo movimento deve avvenire verso il basso, non verso l'alto, in modo da penetrare con le setole anche negli interstizi dentali e con un inclinazione di 45 gradi, per rimuovere la placca da sotto il colletto gengivale.。Per la parte inferiore della bocca vale l'opposto, cioè il movimento deve procedere verso l'alto; ovviamente l'operazione va ripetuta sia sulla parte esterna della dentatura che su quella interna, spesso tralasciata. I denti vanno spazzolati per almeno due minuti. Lo spazzolino molto usato non serve a niente e può anche essere dannoso; è bene cambiarIo ogni tre mesi, deve avere setole forti ed elastiche (chi ha problemi di sanguinamento o gengivali ha bisogno di setole morbide) ed una testa abbastanza piccola per raggiungere anche i denti più nascosti, senza danneggiare le gengive.。

Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free
Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free
Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free
Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds   Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

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A happy customer!!in love with this sterilizer. Memudahkan kerja
A happy customer!!in love with this sterilizer.
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Best pakai, can fit 6 bottle, save my time to dry and sterilize baby bottle... Seller respon well to question.. Shipping to sabah even ada delay sikit tp acceptable...
best sangat. besar. boleh muat 6 botol tommee tippee. botol pun tinggal je dalam tu lepas siap sterile. tak nyesal beli. penghantaran laju. ingatkan kena tunggu sampai seminggu. dua tiga hari dah sampai. berbaloi beli. memang tak rugi.
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Sangat2 mudah dan cepat..nak suruh husband pon senang..tak risau susu trlebih panas..senang nak bersih..sangat2 jimat masa..klau bagi kt pengasuh pon lg mudahkan kerja pengasuh..
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The smell is very good. i like it
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delivery very fast. This is one of the reason why i like supermama brand
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Good quality
Packaging kemas
Fast delivery. The pump is good. Used it for half years.
Dah cuba pakai dan sesuai utk BP supermama..
Luckily received it within 3 days. It saved me as my breastpump unable to function without the valve. Thanks to seller.
一点都不硬 品质很好
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Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

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Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

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Wholesale Lot Fresh Select Bee Raw PROPOLIS 10 Kilo = 22.4 Lb Pounds Tatra Mountains Poland GMO free

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