SuperMama FlexiFit Electrical Tubeless Breast Pump

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The world’s first electrical hands-free breast pump.
No tubes, No wires, Free to go!

Pump anytime, anywhere

SuperMama Pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms – at home, at work or on-the-go. Ditch the hours spent hidden in cupboards, tethered to a wall or cleaning tubes. With SuperMama Pump you can lead the meeting, get outside or simply enjoy some peace and quiet… all while you pump.

Most silent pump ever

Supermama Flexifit designed with 3-layered sound proof system which minimises the pumping noise to the finest sound; Almost unheard.

All-in-one design with no external cords

Massage and Expression modes.

Variable suction 
Level 1- 9 intensity settings

360′ Soft silicone breast shield

Silicone made breast shield effectively extract more milk faster in lesser time and soft silicone promote extra comfort, flexibility & positioning.
Memory setting
It record your preferable mode & level and automatically set for next pumping session.
Display the duration of your pumping time.

Charges in 1hours via micro-USB last for 120 minutes.

Reusable bottles
Durable 5.5oz/160ml PPSU bottles

BPA free
Made with BPA free, dishwasher safe plastic

6 months warranty.



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199 reviews for SuperMama FlexiFit Electrical Tubeless Breast Pump

  1. Yen Li L.


  2. Wendy Y.

    我之前用过很多品牌,由于很大配件很多不方便带出门,挤奶也很大声,配件多清洗也麻烦,但是真心推荐supermama wireless breast pump,它虽小但配件俱全,而且不会太吵,suction 也很多,可以自行调,我很喜欢它有催乳的功能,好像宝宝在吸嚼那样,它也很方便带出门,甚至可以边走边挤都没问题,值得投资👍🏻

  3. Lai Jin


  4. Vivian F.


  5. Winky L.

    方便和实用,吸力也不输其它的,我只是用了level 2就有好效果…也很大爱它的催乳模式功效挺好的..👍

  6. Anthea C.


  7. Catherine

    Recommended ! its weightless and give me alot convenience at outdoor. Such a good product thank you 🙂

  8. V L.

    i bought this brand breast pump on their promotion so the price is cheap compare to other brands. The suction and function is greater than my previous breast pump and its wireless give me alot convenience. I would still buy it even without promotion. Recommended (Y) !

  9. Yu J.

    Love this brand wireless breast pump. Really give me many convenient. Suction good and comfortable. 👍👍

  10. Alice o.

    Brought to my office ad use it ytd. Its very convenient and easy good to use. To be honest i did not expect the quality is so good with this price compare to other big brands 😂

  11. Shafeena

    Smua ok. Suction best mcm pump spectra akak tp lbih convenient sebab motor ni kecik je. Overall i bagi 4 star, kalau ada ready stok 5!

  12. Shafeena

    Smua ok. Suction best mcm breastpump spectra akak. Overall i bg 4 star, klau ada ready stok i bg 5!

  13. Nancy

    Just receive the item as promised by seller. Still have not use because have not deliver yet. But from appearance, this pump look easy to use and quality is good

  14. Nadjiha

    Memang terbaik. Barang dapat memang macam seperti yang diiklankan. Penghantaran pantas. Baraang pun cantik. I recommend to all having-a-baby-friends to have it.

  15. Shila

    great package. excellent services.
    sgt berbaloi.. customer service pon tip top.
    well done. moga bertambah maju..

  16. Hamiza

    sgt2 bpuas hati dgn layanan..staff akan jwb tiap soalan specially for the 1st tme mummy yg sgt2 blur…=) price pun affordable…highly recommended!

  17. Nurnazirah

    as salam..sape2 yg tgh cari breast pump bole beli kt reply n fast delivery..sgt recommended👍🏻👍🏻

  18. Farah

    Highly recommended…!
    Friendly staff n fast delivery..
    Produk berkualiti dan hrga berpatutan..xrugi beli..

  19. nadia

    Alhamdulillah… brg da smpi spti yg dijanjikan.
    Terima kasih
    Servis terbaik!! 😍😘

  20. lean l.

    With this price for such quality is absolutely worth the price. Have been surveying breastpump all the while and no regret for choosing this. wireless and no tubing is the most awesome invention for breast pumping mummy.

  21. celine s.

    At first im afraid to place order because worry about the noise and flange size. Their customer service is very helpful and patience with all my questions. Just tried it and is amazing. Flange size ok, the vibrating sound is acceptable, not noisy. worth to buy.

  22. Ting L.

    Suction is good, able to stimulate more breastmilk and very convenient to bring outside. Overall is good with afforable price 👍🏻👍🏻


    It’s great to use and easy to clean…
    While pumping can make other work without interruption of wires…
    Easy to use while in the car….

  24. Nurul Liyana S.

    I’ve been using this pump for 2 weeks and i really love’s really convenient, easy for me to do multitasking at home whilst pumping..

  25. N J.

    Not available ready stock. Customer service not friendly when asked about product.

  26. Farhana I.

    The pump is amazing despite the cheap price.the reason why i put 4stars is because i need to preorder and wait for 1month plus before i could get the item.overall the item is good

  27. Customer


  28. Thuy H.

    Terrible customer service. None of my emails were properly responded too. They only send automated emails that don’t address the query whatsoever.

    The actual pump is mediocre. Its very noisy and the head is only suitable for small breasts.


    Senang guna,tak terikat dengan wayar.bagus ada 3 mode: massage,lactation,pumping.cuma lg bagus kalau dia automatik tukar asyik kena tekan sendiri utk tukar mode,agak leceh lg2 klu tengah memandu.bateri hanya 2-3 kali penggunaan shj,kemudian kena cas semula.perlu pakai bra yang sesuai baru pump melekap kemas.kalau tak kena pegang dgn tangan.pump berat sikit bila da attach dengan mesin,tapi ok la masih boleh diterima. Tempoh menunggu hampir 4 minggu.overall pump sesuai dengan harga,xboleh expect lebih2.tq

  30. Lynn H.

    Easy to use… and portable! So easy to pump anywhere….

  31. YONG

    good! suction good! silent sound


    This was my first breast-pump as I’m a new mom. It does wonder to me and life so much easier with this magic breast-pump. Easily to clean as it does not have many part and I can pump anywhere anytime. It is so light the sound does not heavy. I love it!

  33. ding s.

    the battery percentage dry very fast and the icon too sensitive

  34. Nur Afiqah R.


  35. NORAINI R.

    Sungguh membantu dan terlalu hebat. Pertama kali pam susu yang paling saya suka setelah 10tahun lebih menyusukan anak2. Saya rasa tenang, puting tidak sakit. Dalam masa tidak sampai 30 minit susu dalam botol perahan cecah 5ouns untuk kedua-dua belah. Saya telah menggunakannya selama 13hari bermula 11julai19 hingga harini 23julai19. Saya bagi 5 bintang daripada 5 bintang.

  36. Diyanah Kaiyisah A.

    the purchase was worth it. everything was good except that the pumping machine is quite loud.

  37. Izura M.

    Not yet used it because I’m not delivered baby yet..but compare with previous brand I had use before I choose this product because it was wireless and easy to bring anywhere I go.

  38. Che F.

    suction is very good
    x serabut dgn wire and tubing. love it!

    bunyi agak kuat tp okay je la.
    button overly sensitive. yang ni agak stress sbb tersentuh pun boleh tukar mode or off. dh mcm touchskrin. huhu
    no timing for each mode
    no automatic transmission from one mode to another.

  39. Syafiqa A.

    The best pump ever

  40. Customer

    Mudah dibawa ke mana sahaja dan mudah digunakan!

  41. Customer

    Mudah digunakan tetapi bunyi agak kuat.

  42. Nusaiba A.

    Still waiting for product to arrive after paying on 9th august. Way past 5 – 9 days delivery time. No response to my email! Is this a scam??

  43. Judy L.

    The machine sound is very loud and it’s quite heavy. Even the pumping bra couldn’t even properly support the pump. The good side is there are only few items to wash compared to my other pump set. It doesn’t spill out because the design of the funnel is downwards.

  44. Siti aminah H.

    Easy to use, easy to carry. Not so many parts to handle. The suction also good. Recommended!

  45. phua i.

    Quite heavy but convenient to bring out because dun need wire and etc… shipping took a long time so buy earlier if u need it urgently


    Charge so fast
    Sounds quite loud for so tiny machine
    But very convenient for traveling/pump in the car etc
    Compact and less hassle
    Love it as an option for my pumping experience

  47. Sarah A.

    Super efficient and hassle on wire and easy to bring anywhere as it’s super light. It’s help me to resolve block duct too. I really 😍 it.

  48. Adeline C.

    Very convenient and hassle free. Light and easy to hold on to.. Amazing results with only 30 minutes I can easily get between 60ml – 150ml. Highly recommended.

  49. Augustus W.

    Bought for my wife (previously was using the Medela Swing), she prefers this by alot because its much more convenient to pump around the house and she can move about. nicely done! 🙂

  50. Neha N.

    I ordered it on 5th sep and yet not received the product. Initially they responded to my messages but now they are not responding. Bad customer service. I’m not sure what to do to get my money back.

  51. wooisian h.

    very comfortable and portable. Thanks

  52. Norshuhaida R.

    Alhamdulillah. its really help a lots in my breastfeeding journey. I used supermama pump when I go out with family. Its easy cause no need to hold the tube. Easy to carry. Can pump easily in car. I really love it. Thank you so much supermama lab ❤

  53. Nurul wahida A.

    Easy to used n love it

  54. Jessica Zara J.

    Super easy to use. The best part is u can pump at anywhere since it is wireless

  55. Munirah M.

    Really love it, very easy to use & most importantly travel friendly. No more problem with tubing 😁

  56. Yeap Y.

    Thank you for deliver it without damage. The product is in good condition and fully charged. We cant wait to use it when the baby delivered.

  57. Imade O.

    It’s efficient and effective very mobile 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  58. Siti Norhidayah M.


  59. Nurli azlen R.

    Sangat mudah untuk digunakan Dan senang bawak.

  60. Muneera R.

    Easy to use and powerful!

  61. Nora Diana R.

    Superb. Easy to carry anywhere. To be used anytime. No hassle at all. Recommended to all bf moms. Well done team


    easy to use it and no more tube

  63. adwina a.


  64. Noor Sareena M.

    Only the packaging not very well..i hope next will be have improvement with packaging..

  65. Azratul R.

    It’s a life changing experience! My work requires me to move around a lot. Most of the time I had to skip my pump schedule but now I just simply do it at any quiet corner and I don’t have to think about power outlet. My milk output has been tremendously increasing, thanks to its amazing suction!!! I just wish the sound is more discreet though but that doesn’t bother me much.

  66. Ria R.

    Really great ., no hustle and easy to clean and resemble 😊

  67. Jessmine C.

    Travel friendly and silent compare to my previous pump.


    Super convenient! Easy to bring anywhere. I even pump in the car sometimes. Wireless is my favorite features. Worry not you have to plug it.


    Easy to use , but a little bit noise .

  70. Jeevaraj N.

    Very handy and portable. Breast pumping can be done at any convenient place and time eg while watching TV. Quiet and discrete action, no noisy pump sounds.


    Super Mama Breast pump is so comfortable for my breastfeeding. Its easy to hold everywhere. Like it!

  72. Ima L.

    Best pump I ever use. But it’s quite heave as hands free. If u can work it out to make it lighter then its awesome


    love to use mamalab breast pump

  74. TEW S.


  75. Kay

    The easiest and convenient way to pump milk. Really love it!!!

  76. Theresa T.

    Less hassle but to my surprise the pump is quite noisy during pumping when I used it for the first time.. after a while only I got used to the sound… milk yield was better than my previous experience with other breast pump brand depending on the right positioning of the breast pump on the breast..

  77. Noor Azericca E.

    Id recommend this to all my mommies friends. Definitely a worth buying breast pump that you will use from the start until the end of your breast feeding journey. I bought this supermama lab because i read many good reviews about it and I decided to purchase myself and I glad i did. It’s value of money despite the price is so reasonable compared to other breast pumps in the market. A good price and a good quality of product. What I love most about this breast pump is that it’s so practical and portable at the same time. The other amazing thing about this breast pump is the battery life can lasts for few days. It’s easy and simple to use. Overall I am very satisfies and Id recommend to all mommies out there. Would love to try the new air breast pump!

  78. Nurul atiyyah R.

    Barang sampai dengan baik. Belum guna lagi. Tapi pump berfungsi dengan baik .

  79. Mandy T.

    Excellent ❤️

  80. Yip L.

    Nice breast pump 👍

  81. Fenn

    喜欢它的质感和function都很好用! 会推荐朋友购买👍

  82. sarah

    Overall is good👍 The suction is nice and it’s very sensitive also. Very useful for mummies love it❤️

  83. Fiona

    It’s very light and can be used it anywhere I go. Even the battery is quite strong also, nice breastpump!

  84. Tan Q.

    From my experience, I would say that this is a very very good breast pump for mummies. It is convenient to bring it out and very handy. I really love it’s quality, can be used for quite a long time. Absolutely loving it and will recommend to my other friends. 🙂

  85. sandy Y.

    真心觉得这个breastpump 很好用,小小个的很容易携带 每次出门我都会放在包包里面直接拿走 真的很方便。

  86. Yasmin

    Breast pump ni highly recommended!! Kualiti botol tu bagus, boleh store byk susu juga. Baik👍

  87. Queenie

    Love this breastpump design, it’s very handy and useful.

  88. Yusna

    First time buying this breast pump, but it’s really nice to use it! Very easy to handle and the battery can tahan quite a long time such a nice product ever!

  89. Mei L.


  90. connie t.

    很喜欢他的设计也很容易使用 是真的很适合我们这种第一次购买breast pump的妈妈们👍

  91. Lai

    Nice product and nice service, will definitely purchase again👍

  92. Venessa O.

    Got it from last last week and tried it on, it has a really nice suction and it’s very light. I don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Worth to buy it.

  93. Renee C.

    I got it as what they have promised me . Breast pump is very handy and easy to use which I actually use it while doing my work too. 🙂

  94. chai

    很轻 很方便 👍

  95. Pauline C.

    It’s definitely the best breastpump I’ve ever used! The suction is very good. It’s portable and very light to be carry at outdoor. Really recommend this breastpump!

  96. Noor

    Breastpump ni terbaik! Sgt suka dengan design ni. Suction tu baik juga, mudah digunakan👍

  97. Olivia W.

    Introduced by friends and it’s a really nice experience ! Would definitely recommend to my other friends to buy it too.

  98. Wen X.

    很棒的一个产品👍 一点都没有影响到我平日的作息 真的很推荐拿这一款breast pump!

  99. Jancye Y.

    Really satisfied with their products and services!👍

  100. sofia

    Trusted seller! Products came as what they have promised me earlier. It reached on time too will purchase another time:)

  101. Fatimah

    Bagi 5 stars sebab produk baik dan staf sgt profesional juga…dpt nawab semua soalan saya dgn baik👌🏻

  102. Gigi L.

    Worth to buy it. Nice product and service👍

  103. Candice T.

    Best breastpump ever👍

  104. wen q.

    非常喜欢他们家的产品 真的很好用 这个breastpump 很方便 又是wireless的。 真的和其他那种大大个很复杂的breastpump来看 这个真的是很棒!❤️

  105. Nur

    Product nice as week as the service👍

  106. Sophia

    Breastpump bgs👍 Ringan dan mdh digunakan. Servis staf juga sgt baik.

  107. Rose

    Highly recommended!👍

  108. Jens Y.

    Such a nice product! i can now pump it wherever I go .

  109. Poon

    5 stars to give this product :
    lightweight, good quality, wireless and tubeless, no sound and it’s cheap compare to the other brands👍

  110. yuan m.


  111. Izzlyn

    Produk bagus👍

  112. Tina Y.

    Nice breastpump:) suction is great and battery is strong enough to be used for quite a long time

  113. kam L.

    买了一套 真心觉得好有才会在这里推荐的~ 他真的很方便而且很轻 很喜欢他的质量也是 很耐用 非常喜欢!

  114. Adrinni


  115. Debbie Y.

    Satisfied with what I have gotten, nice breastpump and good quality!

  116. Eng

    Definitely love it 🙂

  117. Valerie L.

    Nice try and I would recommend my friends to use it! It’s portable. I just put it in my hand bag just in case anytime I need it 👍

  118. Hui L.

    很轻也很好带出街 喜欢这个breast pump👍

  119. Idiana

    Sgt sensitif dan mudah dibawakan tq supermamalab❤️

  120. Elaine L.

    Nice try!

  121. chua

    评价5星 真心觉得好用 很适合那些没时间的妈妈们用👍🏻

  122. Ooi W.

    Worth to buy it! The breast pump has really made my life easier!

  123. Diana

    Thx supermamalab! Ur breastpump is the best !!

  124. Rui Q.

    强烈推荐👍 非常的耐用,function也很好 很容易操作,很适合我这种blur blur 的妈妈们!

  125. Azeera

    Bagus 👍

  126. Jane S.

    Light and portable!

  127. Wei W.

    真的喜欢他们的产品和服务 都很细心地帮我解答 一定会回来在购买的!

  128. Chew


  129. Syamilah

    Sesuai Utk digunakan. Dapat pakai ke office dan suction baik!

  130. Cheah

    Love it so muchhhh❤️

  131. kim y.

    非常推荐这一款给新手妈妈 真的很容易用 而且又很轻 方便带出街👍🏻

  132. Kiki L.


  133. Ginnie

    Great breastpump. Affordable and easy to use! Worth it!

  134. Min

    Suggested to my friends too because this is really great to use.. Their products are really mummies’ best choice ever! 👍

  135. Katherine G.

    This breast pump has really solved my problem. I’m a mommy who is always busy working. Until I purchased this breast pump, I can easily pump milk for my baby anywhere at anytime. It’s very easy to carry out and it’s very comfortable wearing it too. I really love the functions it has. Worth to buy it! Now it has become the best pump for me👍 Thanks supermamalab!!

  136. Tina Y.

    很喜欢他们这一款的挤奶器,他们的suction也很好,用的时候也不会很吵 很加分哦!

  137. Alesha

    Breastpump ni yg sgt sennag utk pakai Pakai utk kerja takde problem pun terbaik👍 I Love it !

  138. Joanne W.

    大大力推荐这款挤奶器👍 之前也用过其他牌子的,但这个可以说是最符合我的条件!它真的是轻也不会很大个 真的很方便我带出去。 主要是它也不会很吵,不会影响到宝宝,真的很喜欢!

  139. Stephy G.

    Nice experience in breast pumping, I love it 🙂

  140. Wong H.

    Great product with professional services👍 Highly recommended this brand!

  141. Ameera

    Dpt breastpump dgn packaging yg cantik… suka design breastpump ni, function pun sgt senang tekan, sgt sensitif. 👍

  142. Bee L.

    真的很喜欢这款breast pump!👍🏻 material很好,能很放心的使用.

  143. Choo Y.

    It’s really hands free and the suction is good also. I really don’t have to worry so much while using it nice product!

  144. hazlina Y.

    Sangat mudah utk digunakan👍 Bagus 2

  145. Nicole L.

    Really worth to buy and use. It really helps to pump a lot of milk, don’t feel painful while using it too! Nice 👍

  146. siew l.


  147. Lai Y.

    Its really a nice breastpump, highly recommended.. it is handy and i can just bring it along to anywhere. I really have doubt on buying this breastpump again, this is awesome 🙂

  148. jannie t.

    喜欢这款breastpump, 很好用👍

  149. Ameera H.

    Terbaik ❤

  150. raynee y.

    I would recommend to all my friends with wht ive gotten here.. i just tried it and i like the suction so much.. its really quiet when i was using it, this is a nice feature which every mommies here hope to get it for a breastpump. Nice..

  151. lum l.


  152. Alicia R.

    trusted seller! Will definitely purchase again!

  153. shi y.

    下单了一个给自己,谢谢妈妈们的review和推荐,我终于找到了自己心目中想要的breastpump~ 它真的符合了我所有的条件, 轻,方便,battery也很强。谢谢supermamalab~

  154. Deanna A.

    suka breastpump ni~ mama’s best choice😆

  155. kooi w.

    Nice breastpump, nice service! A trusted seller 👍

  156. brenda l.

    Fantastic! Its really lightweight and easy to bring out.. very convenient👍

  157. Heerlinah M.

    Just bought it 2days ago and received it yesterday. Hari ni try. Highly recommended. Sgt selesa. Sambil pump pun boleh bergerak. Price pun affordable.

  158. dayana i.

    The suction is a bit hard for first timer but it gets normal when frequently used. Convenient. Not as silent as it claimed. Battery have to charge everyday.

  159. Siti Halimah Z.


  160. Hazira M.

    Good product just that the delivery period was too long.

  161. Gertrude S.

    I’m so excited using your flexifit, as my pumping session become shorter, just the sound is not that silent, need to place finger at charging port, then got that “silent” 🙂

    Need to be patience enough if you are ordering from East M’sia. I’m order flexifit on 19 May, and receive it on 8 June.

    Overall, my experience with flexifit worth my waiting and every doller that I spend, & my next purchase will be your latest air breastPump!

  162. Mohamad Hasrul Reza M.

    This wireless breast pumps have made it easy for my wife to pump for breast milk. Each pump only consists of 4 separate components, hence make it easy to clean it.

    The silicone flange is soft and easy on my wife’s breast. The motor also can last up to 4 sessions (each session lasts 1 hour).

    I really recommend this breast pump to new mothers.

  163. Siti N.

    Easy and vety convenience to use

  164. Nur Farhana M.

    Easy to it.

  165. Nurhaslinda Mui Ong M.

    No more pain when comes to pumping time ❤️

  166. Elaine L.

    Very affordable and convenient pump so far! And the parts are easy to wash.
    Setback is the sound of it is not really silent which I find it is in fact quite loud. If you are considering pumping at your workstation, bear in mind, your colleagues in the next cubicle will definitely hear you!

    Another set back, the pump is quite bulky and is not suitable for office use as hands free as it will be very odd looking and is jutting out. However, in general for hands free to do some work at home is OK. Also, the motor is quite heavy and the handsfree bra I used with this pump for only 2 weeks is slightly torn.

  167. Nurul aimi N.

    Love that it is wireless! I tried it while using another pump at the same time. With SuperMama I got more milk in less time and at the minimum level of the pump. Will definitely recommend this to others.

  168. Flavia B.

    I love it! Very powerful yet small and And cable free! so you can pump anytime, everywhere.
    It’s also so much cheaper than commercial brands. This is my third breast pump and my favourite!

  169. Yeap Y.

    This version is way better than previous model. We had both. This one can pump better compare to the previous model.

  170. Kozy A.

    Best pakai..

  171. Fatimah Munirah I.

    Simple and very convenient😁

  172. Min Er T.

    Supermama的Flexifit 挤奶器让我在哺乳路上一帆风顺,不再有“石头奶”的烦恼

  173. SYAHIDAH A.

    Easy to use breast pump for first time mom 🙂

  174. Bee S.

    First time purchase for try on it, seen it’s really convenient to use small, portable and battery life enough for use. Materials Silicone soft comfortable. Recommend for those whose seek for simple, easy, portable and pump anytime ❤️

  175. Nur Aini

    This wireless pump give me so much convenient and helps me generate breastmilk to my lovely son. Very convenient, quality and low price products ! tq supermama lab !!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Nur Aini
  176. Shazreen Fatihah S.

    I love Supermama Flexifit breastpump very much. Portable, lightweight, easy to assemble, user friendly, quiet & rechargeable pump at a very reasonable price. Worth the money spent. Really

  177. MEI T.

    The on off button sometimes cannot detect ,cannot off.others is ok

  178. Que R.

    Help me a lot to pumping.. but the sound not to quiet then what i’m aspected.. a bit noisy..

  179. Carine L.

    Good suction and easy to assemble but it is not quiet as described.
    Order on 22/7 and only get on 29/7.
    Not sure whether can put in sterilizer?

  180. Mazni Ezura M.

    In love with this 2 suction mode Low and high suction with 9speed.. easy to use and very mobile..i can even pumping and breast fed my baby at one time anywhere. It is Highly recommended. I give 5start for this.

  181. Raja Norhayati R.

    Very satisfied with the product and so convenient

  182. Nur F.

    Genap 5bulan pkai breastpump ni… sng nk guna.. pam dlm kereta pon xde mslh.. sy pump 15minit utk sebelah dpt 6oz.. suction pon sgt kuatt.. bestt sgtt.. da laa firstmom,first time beli breastpump, trus beli double pulak tu.. nasib baik besttt sgtt breastpump ni 👍🏻👍🏻

  183. Mealin A.

    Price ; affordable 😊

    Noise ; It’s not that quiet but it’s not so noisy.

    Portable; very small and cute, you can definitely bring this pump anywhere since it’s not that heavy either.

  184. Cheong J.

    Good product. Fast delivery.

  185. Nur H.

    Love it! It’s easy to use, pumps out milk without the need of wires , as it is portable you can be on the go. The suction doesn’t hurt and the sound isn’t too loud.

  186. Nabihah S.

    I love the pump but I encountered a problem within a month of usage. The charging area was broken and it such a hassle for me to post the pump to the hq and let it fixed since I’m not living in the area. And till now, I’ve no time to post the pump yet.

  187. lily t.

    Order through facebook page on tuesday night , received today !! Fast delivery and nice consultation when asked question !! 😊😊 satisfied with the services !!👍👍

  188. RAFIZAH A.

    Highly recommended.. Save time save energy.. Mummy is happy 🙂

  189. Nur aisyah H.

    The button is not sensitif.need to press hard to switch on.

  190. KARMILA Z.

    Mula order status ready stock tp bila mtk tracking number ckp xde stock. If nk cpt dorg bleh kasi yg model chinese version. I xnk. Tp luckily they restock cpt & delivered safely.

    Pum mula2 ok. Then later after few weeks, suction x sekuat mula2. Kna connect to charger br kuat cm mula2. The sad thing, i pakai 1 ari dlm 2-3 kali je. Later 1hari dlm 1-2kali je pakai. So am x sure it will last long enough ke tak.

    But for the price, ok la coz its wireless. Hopefully it will works long enough so that i dont need to buy other brand.

  191. Kasmawati Mia S.

    Sangat berpuas hati..mudah dan selesa.. Saya bagi 5⭐️

  192. B B.


  193. yong k.

    Pray that the items you buy don’t have to use the warranty service. I’m sure you’ll regret buying this product as long as you’ve used the company’s warranty service. The warranty service is extremely cumbersome and has been required to make films and has been required to do various tests. I’m a consumer, not a tester. I’ve been painting for a warranty service for a week, and I don’t know how long it will take to really solve my problem. Pray, this is the last time I bought it. I will also warn upcoming purchases!! Please think about it!!


    The micro USB has dislodged from its place. I cannot charge it. How to get a refund/replacement?


    Good suction…can adjust

  196. NUR AMIRA M.

    Ok la. Wireless,senang dibawa kemana sahaja,but breast pump ni quiet noise,if looking for silent breastpump better cari yang lain..

  197. Syamimi R.

    I am first time mom. I really love this breastpump. Suitable for busy mom like me. Affordable and the most important is it is wireless n tubeless breastpump. So less time and easy to bring it anywhere. Thank you so much !

  198. nik f.

    One is not enough for me!!😉

  199. Desiree Chor

    Love their products and services. Very recommended to all mommies there <3

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