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Supermama Portable Milk Warmer a smart warmer device that allow you to heat up your baby’s milk precisely, safe & effortless.

Portable & Wireless
After full charge you can leave the cord at home and use the warmer whenever you want for up to 5-8hours!

Optimal Heat Tech

It gives you a more stable heat transfer and avoid over heating that could make your breast milk go to waste.

Safe & Precise 
4 temperature setting that allow you to choose the optimal temperature for your breastmilk, water, and liquid baby’s food.

It fits most of wide neck bottles. If it’s not compatible with your model of bottle there are adapters to make the perfect fit. Talk to us if you have doubts!

Product Specification:

  • Battery: 8800mAh
  • Full charge duration: 4hours
  • Usage duration: 5-8hours
  • Temperature: 37C, 40C, 45C, & 50 Celcius
  • Input Voltage: 5V=2A&3A
  • Dimension: 9cm x 7cm
  • Weight: 399g
  • Compatibility: Fit with most of the wide neck bottle in market.
  • Warranty: 12months

Compatible Wide-Neck Baby Bottle Brand List (No Adapter needed):
2. Supermama Storage Bottle
3. Simba Glass/PPSU wide neck
4. SpeCtra
5. Nip
6. Chicco
7. Combi

**Multiple bottle adapters available for purchase. Select the adapters at “option”


Portable Milk Warmer, Wide Neck Pigeon/MAM Adapter, Standard Neck Pigeon/Medela/Dr Brown/Simba Adapter, Tommee Tippee Adapter, Comotomo Adapter, Nuk Wide Neck Adapter, Hegen Adapter, Dr Brown Wide Neck Adapter, Nuk UltraWide Neck Adapter

19 reviews for Supermama Portable Milk Warmer

  1. Yin P.

    omg its so good looking and convenient! I keep in the air cond room and set as 37c. The milk keep remain on the temperature with not turning cold. My daughter got hot milk to drink no matter when and where.

  2. Sara k.

    Really really love it!! last time when travel with my babies i need bring few thermos bottle and make sure hot water always available to warm the breastmilk and clean water for my elder son milk powder. After using this, i just need to make sure its charged and no worry about where to find hot water. It really a game changer!

  3. nabilah

    This brings so much convenient for me. Not even have to worry about over boiling my breastmilk or force my baby to wake up and drinks the bmilk. This milk warmer will just keep it warm at the constant temperature until its use.

  4. tan

    no regret buying it! the quality is really good. worth it

  5. kik

    it really safe my life during the bad traffic and when u running out of hot water!! extra point for the cute design =)

  6. kaiying

    i love how small its and the first wireless milk warmer which i never seen before anywhere before this.

  7. aqilah

    At first Im so skeptical on the warming function as its just wireless operated. But hey! its so fast like 10mins to reach 40C! Awesome!!!

  8. noor

    memang best!!

  9. Hirschman L.


  10. Nurul Azura C.

    i love how i can bring this warmer everywhere i go and warm my breastmilk without hassle. the only cons here is that it may take some time for the temperature to go to 37 and i have a very impatient baby.


    Easy to use..easy to bring anywhere..

  12. Hazirah W.

    its portable, easy to warm my baby’s milk anywhere especially during travelling.

  13. Nor diyana A.

    Milk warmer sangat mudah digunakan dan dibawa kemana2

  14. ILI ARINA A.

    Senang nak guna. Cepat je panaskan susu. Plus point – the size is travel friendly. Boleh masuk handbag je.

  15. Nurul Iffah M.

    I’m so in love with this warmer. I can warm my breastmilk whenever and wherever needed. Really recommended. It is a must- have tool for breastfeeding mother.

  16. Hu G.

    Susu terkeluar w/p sudah pusing ketat

  17. nik f.

    This tiny warmer makes my life and my lil’ one so perfect!

  18. Suzanee M.

    Best purchase of the year!!


    I love this thang! Though it might take a few minutes to be heated depending on the EBM temperature. Function wise the thing is legit. Plus it is handy in size which makes it suitable for travelling. Thank you Supermama!

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